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Friday, August 04, 2006

Nana's bottoms is made by Denise Trayler. She is my wonderful mother. I started out wanting to cloth diaper and could not afford to buy the diapers online at the prices so she offered for me to buy fabric and she would make the diapers for me.
I started cloth diapering when my son, Kyle, was about 3 months old. I have a daughter who at the time was 2 and still in diapers so she also made the diapers for her. Thus this is how we came up with the name Nana's Bottoms since my kids call her Nana. :)

My mother has 7 children and her youngest is 3 1/2. She also started cloth diapering him until he potty trained, making him trainers as well. She liked making the cloth diapers so much that she wanted to start making them for others. After making up her own creation of the diapers that was so well loved, she started selling to Diaper Swappers and then The Cloth Diaper Connection. After my kids outgrew the sizes I would sell the diapers at an online site or on e-bay.

The diapers are All-in-ones also known as AIO. They have an outer layer of PUL (waterproof fabric) and the inside has thirsty layers of sherpa, birdseye, or flannel. Then on top of the layers is a outer of either sherpa, birdseye (bleached or unbleached), or flannel next to your sweet babies skin. The diapers have velcro as closer and laundry tabs for easier washing without having to worry about all the diapers skicking together and to other clothing when washing. No need for a liner in the diaper unless you want it to hold more then you can just add any liner inside the diaper. After using just throw the diaper in your diaper pal and wash when you wash all of your diapers. :)

Nana's Bottoms comes in all sizes.
Newborn-up to 12 lbs
Small-10-16 lbs
Medium-15-25 lbs
Large-22-40 lbs

Pricing are as follows (shipping is included in all pricing)

newborn- $9 ppd
small- $9.50 ppd
medium- $10.50 ppd
large- $11.50 ppd
Doll diapers-$4 ppd


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That's so crazy to me that your mom is 'nana' lol. I got a Nanas bottoms ffs off diaperswappers. I make all my own diapers and only try out other brands when I see them ffs. I've been using this Nana's Bottoms med AIO religously for the past 3 mos. I've replaced the hook aplix and now I use a light insert I made because it doesn't hold quite as much pee as it use to (that or she's just a heavy wetter and my wahmies are bulletproof) but it's a GREAT diaper. WTG!

4:10 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Where can I find these? I recently bought some used on Ebay and they are amazing just getting a little worn. I'd love to get me some new ones.

4:08 PM  

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