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Friday, August 04, 2006

As of today August 4, 2006 colors that are on hand to order diapers from are:

sage green
play pink
rose lilac

Many more are on there way. Of you want a certain color please ask for it and if it can be found it can be oredered for you.

Inner fabrics on hand are:

- white birdseye
- natrual birdseye
- several flannel prints (John Deere flannel as one)
- white flannel
- blue flannel
- yellow flannel
- knit terry (girly animal and pink hearts)

Again if you want a certain inner please ask for it and if it can be found it can be ordered for you. :)

A few diapers on hand that have been made up lately and are ready to ship are listed.

Large- serenity green with white flannel as inner
- medium blue with white flannel with pastel hearts as inner
- saturn blue with birdseye as inner

Medium- saturn blue with white birdseye as inner

Small- serenity green with natrual birdseye as inner

These are just the made up ones. You can order any colors listed or ask for a certain color and it can be ordered as well as the inner.


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